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A college mind

  • Teaching and Learning Digital Storytelling : MITMuseum and Veria Central Public Library

    MITMuseum without Walls

    Based on location-based storytelling, MIT Museum is leading an innovative location-based storytelling research project, Museum Without Walls (MWOW), to put history and science in your hand and turn the world into a museum. The goal is to help reveal the hidden and the extraordinary in the MIT landscape by encouraging people to learn about their surroundings. It begins with an Institute-based effort but the project is pioneering the development of technologies as a model usable by any institution or community.

    Veria Central Public Library

    A collaborative effort between public libraries and museums to provide new, informal and accessible learning opportunities. Library and museum staff in the four regions of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany and Greece have been trained to train and support groups of individuals from migrant communities in the art, skills and technologies involved in the creation of digital stories.

    Digital Storytelling in Academ

  • Teaching and Learning Digital Storytelling : California

    This digital storytelling program is a collaboration of a number of California public libraries : Benicia, Covina, Hayward, Orange County, Sacramento, and San Francisco. In capturing the stories of its people, the program endorses the inclusion of underrepresented communities in the media arts field and the portrayal of accurate images of these communities by mainstream media and promotes community access to and use of media technology.

    The recorded memories of California and local communities enable people to hear others personal experiences and find out what did the community look like, stories that address the recent past or distant past. Not only does digital storytelling promote intergenerational sharing, it engages aging baby boomers, encourages immigrants to California to share their memories, while encourageing library/community partnerships

  • Accredited Online Accounting Degrees

    Washington State University Accredited Accounting Degree via Distance Learning

    Washington State University. On the other coast, Washington State University in Pullman, Wash. provides a comprehensive, accredited online accounting degree similar to those offered by Champlain and UMUC.

    WSU, though, adds a global component to this otherwise traditional system: students much earn six credit hours in a topic on global issues related to business. Students can choose from coursework, internship, or study abroad programs to meet this requirement.

    Accreditation is important for receiving proper grants and loans, going on to graduate school if desired, and for showing employers that your education comes from a reputable school with professional standards. According to the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics, through the year 2018 accounting jobs will increase by 22%, a much faster rate than average compared to other jobs. Having an accounting B.S. from an accredited college or university can make you competitive in the job market.

    These three examples are not an exhaustive list, though; do your own, careful research online and in person at college fairs to find the right e-learning program that gives you the best resume and education for pursuing jobs as an accountant.